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Since 1993, the College Cost Insider, along with its affiliates, has been an advocate for high school students and their parents.

Providing behind-the-scenes processes, guidance on the real college funding sources, and offering a personalized family
‘True Cost’ College Report are just a few of the ways we help families pay ‘only’ their fair share for higher education instead of a substantially over-inflated price.

Families Need an Advocate

Although the college planning and financial aid process is often depicted as free, easy, and you can do it yourself, that actually couldn’t be further from the truth.  ALL of the decisions made by colleges on admission and funding are made to ultimately protect the interest of the school

Colleges (the true money source) discount their price with almost all students paying a different price for the same education.  How attractive is each student along with the earning potential and resources of the parents are two huge considerations when it comes to colleges offering discounts.

In essence, colleges are investing in these students and are looking for a return on that investment – the student giving back to the school’s endowment fund after graduation is an example of the institution’s return on their investment.

Like the colleges have their advocates – their entire marketing, admissions, and financial aid staff – the College Cost Insider serves as the
advocate to the student and family.  While the college is looking for the family to pay as much as possible, our mission revolves around one core concept: helping the student and family receive the best education at the best price.


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Our Resources and Focus

For nearly three decades the College Cost Insider and its sponsoring affiliates have worked in the college planning and funding business.  This hands-on experience in working with families over the years has proven invaluable and is the primary reason the College Cost Insider is able to provide direct, to the point, bottom-line numbers and guidance to families with high school-aged children as they prepare for college.

The College Cost Insider focuses on two primary portions of the college funding process – 1) the colleges and universities as the true source of funding, and 2) delivering all information from the family’s perspective with no influence from the schools.

In order to do this, the College Cost Insider relies on proprietary software that includes both the federal and institutional methodology formulas as well as behind-the-scenes data that is just not available to families otherwise.

Our ‘True Cost’ College Report serves as the family’s benchmark and allows parents (and students) the opportunity to review the results and analyze their financial information before the college ever sees it.  In addition to providing each college’s true cost, this valuable insight also provides the family with the opportunity to make adjustments to better their position before submitting the required information to the colleges and universities.